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Before you get your new companion.

If you were going to purchase a new car for the family you would consider many elements before making your decision.

For example is it the right size?  How much will it cost to run?  Where will I park it?  How much will maintenance be?  Do I want manual or automatic gearbox? What do the critics say?

You would put a lot of thought into making this purchase an realistically if you by chance made the wrong decision you could always resell it..

Many new dog owners do not put the same degree of thought into their new family member that could be with them for 10+ years and many behavioural an re-homing issues could be avoided with this simple step..

We will provide both group information evenings or 1-2-1 sessions to work with you, to go through all of the elements that you should conder to decide whether this is the right time or you to add a four legged friend to your family, what breed would suit your lifestyle and so much more.

There are so many breeds and new breeds out there it is a minefield and finding a suitbale breeder is also tricky. We will support you through as many stages of this process as you require from advising on things to consder, to researching and recommending breeds, recommending respected breeders, finding vets, day care etc.

I am sure we all want to ensure that we can in some way help to stop puppy farming and unscrupulous breeders by researching well and we want to reduce the number of dogs that end up in rescue centers because they were no the correct choice.

We can help you to navigate your way through and get the best start to this wonderful journey.
Do you experience issues with training or getting your dog to “listen” to you? has your dog started to exhibit unwanted behavious you don’t know how to manage? Are you uncomfortable about allowing your dog off the lead but are worried they are getting enough exercise?

If you have answered yes to any of the above please contact us and we can assist.

Please fill in the form below and tell us where we can help with any of the items and services that we provide.