Canicross is the exciting and fast growing sport of off-road running with your dog. Offering a fun, social and highly effective way for you both to get fit. It is also the safest way to enjoy running with your dog – specially designed equipment allows you to run hands free and for you both to run comfortably and efficiently.

Why Exercise with your dog?

Exercising with your dog is the perfect way for you both to get fit. In fact a study cited in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health found that owners who exercise their dogs are 34% more likely than others to be physically fit. This group experienced higher overall levels of both moderate and vigorous activity, thus proving that owning a dog is good for you! Not only that, but exercising regularly with your dog will improve bonding with your pet, ensure overall happiness and well-being, allow
your dog to express their natural instincts and behaviour and save you time! So our dogs provide us with so much more than faithful companionship.

The best thing of all a bout canicross is that you don’t have to be an  experienced runner to enjoy the sport. It’s suited to people and dogs of all ages and abilities – though we do advise that your canine buddy is over 12 months of age as growth plates in the legs especially are still forming and too much stress can lead to complications later in life. If in any doubt please seek guidance from your vet.

For information and guidance on how to get started or to book your introduction session please contact us