Training Camps


We firmly believe that training should be a fun and rewarding experience for you and your dog and should be ongoing, training is not just for puppies. Qualified through the Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour we only use positive reinforcement methods in our training. Throughout our training CAMPs we train you to train your dog, helping you to use clear and consistent instructions in many differing environments to assist the learning process. We also teach many games to encourage play and help to build a strong bond with your four legged companion. Training can be through classroom sessions or on a 1-2-1 basis if time / transport are an issue for you.

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Puppy Socialisation Parties

It is really important to socialise your puppy as soon as they have had their vaccinations – usually around 10 weeks of age. This is a critical time in their learning and can help with their social interaction skills that will need later in life, and it is so much fun.

We would normally recommend no more than 6 owners / puppies per group so as not to overwhelm them. We will teach you, as owners, the basics of responsible dog ownership and early training methods together with how to build a bond with your puppy.


Puppy Obedience

For puppies 12-20 weeks depending on when they are fully vaccinated. Some puppies that are small breeds may also be suitable for this class even if over 20 weeks.

Courses are usually 8 weeks in duration and we will teach you to train your puppy . All of our classes are based on positive reinforcement through our Active Management Programme.

The course will include some of the basic commands that include:-

Watch, Sit, Down, Stand, Loose lead manners, Recall, Food manners, Meeting and greeting and Control at doorways. We will also teach you how to check the basic health of your dog and other good dog ownership etiquette.


This course builds upon the basic commands taught to younger puppies and is suitable for all dogs over 20 weeks of age. It is never too late to work with you dog!

As well as building on the commands we will add the Stay command teaching the dogs to remain in the Sit, Stand or Down for short periods of time. We will also do further work on the Recall, Control at Doorways and Walking on the lead. At this stage it is also important to tackle any unwanted behaviours such as Jumping up.


We will teach you more about health inspections and care and management including grooming together with responsible dog ownership.Diamond

Again building on the previous course we will advance the commands already taught plus we will introduce safe play with your dog, making training fun. We will also look at Vehicle control, Coming away from distractions and Controlled greetings and we will introduce the Retrieve command.

We aim to make these classes a fun and safe environment for you to learn through Active Management. We may even introduce some music!

Owners and dogs that have not attended the previous 2 courses may still join this course but will require an individual assessment to ensure that they will feel comfortable at this level.

Although these courses are generally 8 weeks many people will enrol for this level of course more than once before they feel ready to move to the next level, this is a great way to ensure that all of the commands are thoroughly taught ensuring a firm foundation before adding more complexity, this is a commendable approach and we should remember that all dogs (and humans) learn at differing paces and you must do what is right for your partnership.



Repetition, Reward and Association are the 3 key elements of any successful training and during this course previously taught commands are taken to the next level, especially the recall and Stay.

In this advanced class we will work on elements such as safely walking along the road, encountering everyday hazards such as pushchairs, market stalls etc. We will learn how to send the dog to bed and remain happy and settled, how to stop a dog in its tracks in an emergency situation and how to amuse a bored dog.

At the end of this course we will also help to identify what next? What Active Management Programmes could you progress to ensuring that both you and your dog maintain the happy cooperative bond that you have built during these sessions. Again it may be that the correct decision for your partnership is to enrol on the course again to cement the learnings.


If you attended a puppy training class many moons ago and haven’t done anything since and would like to assess what level class is right for you both or whether you have a dog that has mild behavioural issues that you feel may not fit well into a class at this time or whether the timings of the class do not work for you then we can arrange for 1-2-1 sessions to help you build the right bond with your dog through 1-2-1 consultations that fit with your availability.

What next?

Having completed the classes you will find that you have an amazing bond with your dog and that you have both enjoyed the learning journey so much you don’t want it to stop. There are many other Active Management Programmes that we either run or can recommend respected trainers for depending on your interests such as Canicross, Agility, Scent work, heel work to music etc.