A dog professional that truly understands the needs of a dog

Paws and Play is the one stop shop that delivers physical services together with an educational platform focussing on welfare and wellbeing of your dog from the inside out.

How does paws & play do that?

By providing a supportive and informative complete canine wellbeing solution I can help you to build a stronger and healthier, lifelong bond with your dog, from cradle to grave.

I pride myself on providing a straight-forward and credible place for guardians to go for all dog related information. A truly holistic approach to the welfare of dogs takes dog parenting to a completely new level of understanding.

Who is paws & play?

I am passionate about protecting the welfare of dogs and I love providing you, as a dog guardian, with the knowledge and confidence to be the very best dog parent that you can be.

I will help you face challenges as a team with your dog, helping them to live a longer and healthier life and to celebrate your successes together. This may be through education, training, or support or through grooming solutions, weight management clubs or pet bereavement support.

Paws & Play Services

Online learning
Live Training events
Weight Management
Wedding Day Dog Care
Pet Bereavement
Dog First Aid
Before you get a new puppy